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any one else thinking oh no not again?

here's the thoughts of the new top dog at HMRC.

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just thought I'd share this for all my fellow awebbers during silly season

Apparently Jim Hara is looking forward to continuing the work of making HMRC the best tax and customs authority in the world.  hmmm not setting the bar too high then being as the commons select committtee fairly recently described HMRC as not fit for purpose I believe............... still, couple of years and it'll be someone elses problem and he'll have his knighthood. 

Enjoy the silly season folks.  :-)


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By lionofludesch
15th Jan 2020 15:11

Jim Harra won't achieve this in his lifetime.

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By Chris.Mann
15th Jan 2020 17:03

I'm just climbing back into my "customers" box.
I know my place.
I's say it's more than a safe bet to see the latest "top dog"incumbent at HMRC, reaching the heights a national honour, just as he leaves. These days, they don't seem to be there long, before they achieve that goal.

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By spilly
15th Jan 2020 23:05

I’m thinking of applying via Dominic Cummings for a Goverment post on the basis that I must be weird due to having a modicum of common sense. Maybe he would agree that HMRC would hugely benefit from my skills.
I’d even do the job without expecting a peerage at the end of it. It would be reward enough to have stopped any fresh outrageous cases going to tribunal, and stop some of the disproportionate penalties being levied.

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By whitevanman
17th Jan 2020 13:55

It's my guess that, within the next 2 years, it will be "Sir Jim" and he will retire within the following 2 years ( probably less).
I don't believe that in that timeframe, he will be able to even begin reversing the decline in standards we have seen in recent years.
I am though, more interested to know whose title he is targeting, that is to say, which authority does he / anyone else consider to be the best? Cayman gets my vote.

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