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Any one here use Xero Practice Manager?

Xero PM question/opinions

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So we're looking at upgrading our current PM software, which over time we seem to have outgrown.

What with MTD on the horizon, we need a program which acts as our master client database, and want to be able to produce more useful reports.

Spoke to Xero yesterday about this, and was told that you can only import clients into Xero PM that are Xero clients.

Surely this can't be right ? (the person I spoke to went away, and came back to confirm that this is the case).

If that was the case, then surely only a firm whose client base is 100% Xero is going to find Xero PM useful?

We haven't yet signed up as a Xero Partner (but will be doing so soon), so can't demo the software. And finding someone from Xero to discuss the program is proving quite difficult.

Assuming one can import all clients into the program, what do people make of it? (in terms of WIP/invoice production/batch emaling of monthly statements/report production)

We're looking at a number of CRM products at the moment, and after reading the CRM article posted here yesterday, there's a few out there, but none that really tick all the boxes.










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By Cloudcounter
24th Mar 2017 09:36

Is this a question of interpretation? Are you interpreting "Xero clients" as those that have a Xero subscription?

I think that it means people who are contacts (customers) in Xero. We've got Xero PM and I'm (slowly) working through getting it set up but I have all of our clients in XeroPM, even those without Xero subsriptions

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By 1796971
24th Mar 2017 09:50

Thanks - the person I spoke to said the client had to have a Xero subscription to be able to import their name/details into Xero PM

Thanks for clearing up - didn't think she could've been right

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By Stewie Griffin
25th Mar 2017 16:30

The person you spoke to is incorrect. You can either import contacts from Xero or you can import from a csv file if you're not planning on using Xero as your practice accounting software

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By Platta
30th Mar 2017 10:22

We have been using Xero PM for about two months now. We use Xero as the practice accounting as well, and we have 5 client subscribers.

We have successfully loaded over 500 company and individual records into PM, so no problem loading non subscribers. If you are using Xero accounts, be very careful with naming conventions, because PM will compare its client list with Accounts, and create new Contacts in accounts wherever it can't find a match - so you can end up with Duplicates, which I am not sure at this point how to remove. We use PM as the primary database for client data, and let PM populate Accounts.

We have already replaced several exel lists, by creating Custom Fields in PM, and we are starting to use the Job Manager and time capture in earnest.

So far experience is good, and we have managed to use upload templates for most things - albeit that the templates can be tempramental at times.

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By pauljohnston
30th Mar 2017 13:33

Have a look at offerings outside xero to make sure it is what you want for instance

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