Any one struggling with Xero's reporting?

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Dont get me wrong, I'm a fan of Xero especially its banking features (matching, cash coding,  bank rec includes bank feed etc)

However once the TB is ready , the fun begins for the reviewer because there are gaping holes in its reporting abilities. 

Here are some of my bigger grumbles:

  • No time and date stamp
  • Account transaction report - running balance column still doesnt work at times​
  • no Account codes on the New P&L & New Balance Sheet
  • old reports have not been fully replaced by the new reports - leading to inconsistency and redundancy in functionality between them
  • lack of Audit trail!
    • no entered/ modified date column in Account transaction reports
    • cannot see "split" or the other side of the entry in Account Transaction reports
    •  VAT audit report doesnt show the source or transaction type
    • History and Notes does not display amounts!
    • Manual journals aren't listed by journal number in the manual journal list

Should I give up trying to improve it or if not does anyone have any suggestions (apart from moving our practice onto other software!)

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