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Any one use Prophix?

Any one use Prophix?

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I have been invited to join a Webinar by Prophix, so they can demonstrate their product.

Has anyone on here ever used Prophix?

They claim their product is great for budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

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By Scriptic
27th Sep 2015 18:59


If it's budgeting, forecasting and reporting you want you should try Figurewizard first. We use it in house because it's quick, easy to use and comprehensive. The example on the site can be edited so you can see what you get - especially interesting if you try that with their excellent whatif planner. It's also only £20 a year so it wont break the bank.

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By Dick Lloyd
28th Sep 2015 19:04

Thank you, Scriptic.

I have had a look at the website you suggested. Whilst it appears to offer a "ready made" solution, what I need is much more than this.

I work in industry as a Co accountant, and am looking at a system that will produce solutions for the following:

Monthly management accounts - reporting monthly Balance sheet, P&L and cash flows

Annual (rolling) 12 month forecasts for monthly Balance sheet, P&L and cash flows

Budgeting for departmental managers for allocation of resources

Target setting for departmental managers



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James Power profile image
By James Power
01st Oct 2015 13:15

Try FD4Cast

FD4Cast will do all of what you require and I will help you build and customise your first model.

It's the only true 'customisable' solution to do exactly as you want. Other providers all seem reluctant to mess with their standard offering.

Contact me if you want a no-risk trial with guided help from me.

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By Dick Lloyd
01st Oct 2015 13:46

Hi there FD4Cast,

Interesting offer. I'd love to have a look at your no risk trial. I have seen your Brochure already.





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James Power profile image
By James Power
01st Oct 2015 14:38

Hi Dick,

Just get in touch via the website or via my email. Usually I just need a P&L and BS as you currently report to build you a trial model. I cna send you a confidentiality undertaking if you wish.

I can customise FD4Cast to import your actuals by TB from a CSV export from Sage or whatever accounts package you use, and then you can forecast from those closing balances.

Speak when you are ready.

Email is: [email protected]




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