Any printer recommendations?

Any printer recommendations?

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I'm taking the plunge, have hired a new staff member and have rented new premises.  I've got a little inkjet printer at home that scans and prints very nicely, but it's not going to cut the mustard with two of us.

So I'm looking at getting a colour laser printer with scanning/copying.  

But there are so many options, so any recommendations here before I go out and buy something I'll regret?  Or any that I should avoid?


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By Moonbeam
05th May 2015 15:12

HP every time

I only ever buy black and white laser jets because of the cost of the toner. I have a P3015 printer that can take a whole ream of paper before it runs out - a godsend for 2 of you.

I have also bought an HP PHotosmart inkjet. That was when my previous HP packed up. This does scanning and colour printing. I have to say the inkjet bit of it is awful, probably because I hardly print anything on it. I don't recommend it for the colour bit, but I don't really need colour. So inkjets are pretty hopeless when you need high quality speed and volume.

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By Michael Beaver
05th May 2015 15:24

Thanks Moonbeam

I actually need colour printing as I don't use pre-printed letterhead, I print out the stationery as I use it and my logo and branding are quite colourful. 

So I'm looking for an all-in-one solution.

I agree, inkjets can be pretty hopeless so hoping I can find something right the first time!



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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
05th May 2015 15:33


I use an HP 8600 all in one with an extra paper tray. I like you don't use pre printed letterhead so does the job for the odd letter that I do that needs letterhead. It connects to WIFI so can air and E print which is also useful. Inks are not bad priced but I am trying to print as little as possible these days in my attempt to go paperless.

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By dnicholson
05th May 2015 17:40

HP Instant Ink
I recently got an HP printer with their Instant Ink feature. It changes ink into a fixed monthly cost which is certainly cheaper than the Epson printer I had before.

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By new2accts
05th May 2015 18:06

HP Laserjet here as well

Black and white toners are very cost effective

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By RedFive
05th May 2015 18:24

I have a contract with a local printer company.An upfront cost for a colour laser printer then I pay per print on a monthly basis.

I pay 1 pence per black & white and 6 pence per colour print. My average monthly bill is about a fiver.

For that I have free support / service and replacement toner as often as I need them.

Its changed the way I think about printing compared to my old ink jet which cost me about £30 per month in ink, despite never using it! 

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By wilcoskip
05th May 2015 23:30


Recently got a Canon 8550, as I needed some colour capability to deal with marketing materials, charts and graphs etc.

So far I'm very impressed with the quality, reliability and value for money.  I've normally stuck to black & white laser printers due to the cost of toner, but I'm gradually coming round to replacing the remaining black & white Brother printer with another Canon colour.


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By Smartie99
06th May 2015 14:01

I've just switched from colour laser to a HP X476 and I'm delighted.  Just as  fast as laser and about a third of the running costs!

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By James_Whitelegg
14th May 2015 11:27


Perhaps have a look at Epson's Workforce range.

Scans / copies / prints fast/ Wi-fi & Ethernet. 2 trays, reliable and relatively quiet.

Ink is a bit expensive though.

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By michaelbrackenbury
14th May 2015 11:47


My Epson Workforce WP-4535 is the best printer I have ever had.

Print / Copy / Scan / Fax / Colour / WiFi / Ethernet. Jams are very very rare. Cartridges  extremely easy to change. Strongly recommend.

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By FCExtraordinaire
14th May 2015 12:26

Epson Workforce

Workforce range is very competitive and good.

Replacement ink can be bought cheaply from and is compatible ,  never had any problems.

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By TaxMatters
14th May 2015 13:43

The better Choice

I used to sell these beasts from a chain of 53 shops. All the ink printers are simply too expensive for use in an accounting practise. The cheapest I know of costs around 5p per sheet if you are lucky. The high powered laser printers can drop to as low as 0.75p per sheet if you use aftermarket supplies. The better option may be the Ricoh Afficio GEL printers. They will cost you about 1.2p per sheet using original supplies.

The heavy weight Lexmark lasers will cost up to £1000

The Ricoh should cost £150 - 175 for the multifunction machine and you have the added advantage of environmentally friendly. Laser give off fine dust particle which Gel printers don't so they are staff friendly and Ricoh used to have a 24 hour swap if the machine developed a fault. I don't know if that is still the case.

Hope that helps if you need more info PM me. happy to help



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14th May 2015 15:54

Avoid Lexmark

Hi ... used to run a Lexmark C522 (I think) ... it cost £250 after the £300 cashback offer about 8 or 9 years ago, the print quality in colour and mono was superb, but the running costs were horrendous, as was the beast's footprint was HUGE ... and as my printing needs dropped, it just got more and more expensive to run, so eventually opted for Epson 6-colour inkjet which works out much cheaper to run for my lower print-needs, is good for mono, fantastic for photo-quality prints, but not so good for plain-paper colour printing. If I were to change printer now, which is highly unlikely, I'd opt for an Epson Workforce all in one.

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By TaxMatters
14th May 2015 18:21

Lexmark v Epson

Original Lexmark supplies are not cheap (especially the colour machines) but the quality of Lexmark printers is outstanding. Usually very high speed (mine bring 45 pages per minute) and very reliable. There are reliable aftermarket supplies for most models including things like the fuser unit which can be reset anyway.

I am not a great fan of Epson or indeed inkjet printers at all although I do have a brother machine because the scanner unit is outstanding and network ready so that things like passports can be scanned directly to the user PC or the server. The cartridges don't have a chip - Brother use an optical system to check the level of ink in the cartridge so the cartridges are far cheaper to produce. For normal monochrome work the Brother fast and the quality is fine but not for letterheads. Epson have a very small waste ink tank in many models and it is hellishly difficult to replace.

Lexmark is fine if you need a high speed low cost monochrome printer (also available as a multifunction machine) using aftermarket supplies. I would recommend a T632/X632. both can be found on Ebay for £100. These machines are laid out for 175,000 pages per month duty cycle so they won't break down easily.  

My personal view is that the Ricoh's have definite advantages

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By petersaxton
15th May 2015 01:27

HP Color LaserJet CP5225

It cost about £1,000 and then I added an extra tray for another two or three hundred but it is colour and A3. I print very little colour so although the full set of toners is nearly as much as the printer I can get by with buying black toners.

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By TaxTeddy
15th May 2015 07:56

Duplex function

I find duplex printing really useful as a feature.

As it happens we use Canon LBP5100 as they play well with PC and Mac. This particular model had probably been updated now but our use is well within the printer capabilities and cartridge life is quite long.

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By Andp
16th May 2015 12:28

I have a brother dcp 7030 black and white laser printer , copier and scanner all in one unit 

great tool had it over 5 years and was circa £160 at the time, very reliable and the drum unit is £75 which I have replaced once in that time. Its used daily and prints 100 average length tax returns a year, so not light use by any means

as its all in one , takes up less space than having several independent units all over the office 


After 2 years of ownership I discovered I was more than able to refill the toner cartridge myself for only £12 a time - shops charge £35 for this and its only a 10 min job


massive saving over a new brother toner at £65 each !!!  why pay for the plastic housing when all you are consuming is the powered ink inside it ! Brother even have the nerve to request the empty old unit be returned to them for recyling ( more like lining shareholder pockets )

If you are printing colour graphs and charts then fair play buy a colour unit, if not then black and white is more economical in the long run

shop around and Im sure you could buy your colourful letterhead paper from a decent local supplier or even online 



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By pauljohnston
17th May 2015 11:33

What you have not said is what the paper thru put maybe

Our story is repeated here. 6 years ago we purchased a refurbished Cannon IR2570ci which is a large machine for £2000.  By the time 7 days had passed we had recovered half of the cost purely because scanning and printing was just so much quicker.  We also had a a maintenance contract pay per page.  We are now looking to replace this and a new machine now costs about £2200.  My advice is to look and see how many pages you will print and how many scans over the next 12 months and then you will know how much to spend.  Dont skimp on the printer it could cost you dear.

We print our own letterhead as we go ( straight onto letters

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By The Innkeeper
17th May 2015 17:46

I am always cautious
About using combo machines for anything as if one bit goes wrong the whole machine is useless. Better and safer to have single machines for scanning and printing .

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By Michael Beaver
17th May 2015 18:02

Many thanks all, a lot of food for thought!

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By petersaxton
18th May 2015 08:05


also, they are more likely to be manufactured down to a price rather than up in quality.

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