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any problem with viewing tax codes on HMRC's website?

any problem with viewing tax codes on HMRC's...

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when I have gone to look at them on HMRC's website to look at them they are not there!!!!!!!!!!! Quite often clients will ring us to ask if we want of copy to save them paying postage which is so expensive these days with no guarantee that we will receive the post (but that is another story). Usually while they are on the phone I shall log on to HMRC website and checked that I can view what they have received but recently the tax codes appears to be missing and we can see them.

I can see the ones issued prior to mid June but none since.

Has anyone had similar experience? It would be good to know before I call HMRC and ask what they are playing at?

Their records of issuing correct tax codes are not brilliant so we really try to keep a sharp eye on our clients' coding notices to save headaches later.

Thanks for feed back.


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Should Be Working ... not playing with the car
By should_be_working
24th Jul 2012 13:04

Not problems as such, but

I've just looked at one issued on 22nd July OK.

However, I have noticed that sometimes codes relating to, say, 2012/13 but issued during the last year will be 'filed' under 2011/12 on the website. I'd check adjacent year(s) just to make sure.

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By stiga
24th Jul 2012 14:22

Live self assessment record

I raised this issue with the on-line help desk last week. I was advised that for those clients who have a self assessment record, but there is no requirement to file a 2012 tax return, the PAYE coding notictes will not show. Notices only show for what they call 'live' self assessment records. So for some clients who for example are now retired and a tax return is not required, the coding notices cannot be viewed.

Another useful feature of the HMRC systems !!



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