Any recommendation for a VT Transact alternative?

Any recomendation for a VT Transact alternative that is comppatible with Apple Mac?

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Apologies for the rant. I am really really fed up with Microsoft . Fed up of its darned up dates that you can only postpone for so long, they keep making my computer hang. I bought a new computer and after a while the same thing happens. I have to forcefully uninstall the updates to get it to work. I have used group policy amendments to stop updates but then the pc starts behaving odd.

The only reason i am still tied to windows is beacuse of VT and now enough is enough. I was hoping someone can recommend something as easy and similar to VT that works with Apple.


Any suggestions are appreciated.



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By Jo Nokes
03rd Aug 2022 16:59

I'm afraid I have no answer to your question, but I am a huge fan of VT. I don't understand the problems you are experiencing with Microsoft. My single user PC seems to work pretty well, running on an Office suite that was preloaded. I fear you may have to stick with it

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03rd Aug 2022 19:04

Haven't any experience of it but I believe you can use Parallels to have a "virtual" Windows installed on an iMac ? Not sure of the licencing position - you may need to purchase a Windows licence. Worth a look at least as that way you could install VT to the virtual Windows .

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