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Any recs for non cloud MTD bookkeeping software?

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I have to recommend an easy to use bookkeeping software programme for a small client which is not Cloud based. In my experience, many of them are poorly written and often very slow. SAGE and Quick Books are out of the equation on price and complexity. Plain vanilla Excel with bridging software is too fiddly for the client in question. I am familiar with Money Manager which is quick, easy to use and well priced. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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By Kaylee100
20th May 2019 13:51

Why are they "not cloud based" - do you mean they have no access to broadband? Or do they just have a suspicion of data held online somewhere and so do not wish to use a cloud system?

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By johnhemming
20th May 2019 14:03

The problem is that in some way you need to interface with the net if only to get the authorisations (OAuth) done. Hence from a security perspective you cannot avoid the cloud.

I agree that there are problems with the complexity of handling excel and bridging software. Some MTD suppliers (including myself) have solutions for that.

However, the Open Authorization process requires the use of internet protocols so you cannot completely avoid the internet.

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By daniel_
20th May 2019 14:08

I think VT Transaction+ meets all of these criteria now that they've recently added MTD submissions.

It's non cloud and pretty easy to use once you've spent some time getting used to it.

The only hesitation I'd have setting up a client with it is the lack of audit trail. Transactions can be deleted or moved quite easily, sometimes accidentally. The data is all stored in a single file, so I would set up a backup rule that automatically clones the file - at least once per day. Also setting lock dates (later than the last YE) helps prevent accidental changes.

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Replying to daniel_:
By vtsoftware
20th May 2019 17:47

Thanks for suggesting the VT Transaction+.

If you wish, you can prevent clients editing or deleting transactions by choosing Set Up>Passwords>Allow Editing.

Clients can then make corrections by making a reversal copy of an incorrect transaction (right click wherever you see the transaction) and then re-entering it correctly.

The Display>Transactions Report is then a full audit trail.

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Replying to vtsoftware:
By daniel_
21st May 2019 09:52

Thanks for your response. I wasn't aware that this feature existed.

I'm glad that this is not set by default as the flexibility of moving/deleting/editing entries is imo the best feature of VT.

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By cbp99
20th May 2019 15:00

I too would suggest VT.

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By Moonbeam
20th May 2019 15:48

If only you could get client onto Cloud - I would recommend Pandle as being one of the simplest software for someone who needs it to be easy to use.

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By Steve McQueen
20th May 2019 19:36

Another shout out for VT

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By MartinJG
20th May 2019 20:53

Many thanks to those who have replied. Very helpful and much appreciated.

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