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Any reliable email hosting recommendations please?

Any reliable email hosting recommendations please?

My website and POP emails are hosted by

I am having problems with sending all emails today coming back with one of:

  • 550 pointing to
  • 503 Valid RCPT command must precede DATA
  • Connection to the server interrupted
  • The server responded: 550 pointing to mailgate.

Not to mention

  • The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

for various valid email addresses recently.

I also find that the server is often unavailable from my phone and I will get a few hours worth of emails all at once later.

All in all, I am rather fed up with the unreliability of the whole service.

My website is also hosted by freeparking.  Does anyone have any good recommendations for a reliable email provider where

  • I can have my emails as [email protected] (obviously not actually my email address)
  • It offers wildcard forwarding, such as if someone were to type [email protected] by accident (or any other random [email protected])   it would be forwarded to an email of my choice.  Freeparking no longer offer this, so I have to put in individual forwarding for most items where an error may be made, but anything [email protected] gets lost in the ether!
  • Reasonable pricing
  • My website is currently written by me (using publisher) and is ok but not fantastic.  If there is a good website template help that would be advantageous.
  • Reliable, reliable, reliable

Thanks in advance


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06th Jul 2012 12:40

Tsohost host all my website domains and emails and I cant recommend them enough, there are cheaper out there (and more expensive too I may add) but I cant remember ever having a problem with them in over 5 years now.

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06th Jul 2012 12:33

Try HostingUK

I could recommend HostingUK.

Very reliable, good tech support. Not the cheapest but has been "fit and forget" which is important. If you use basic POP3 or IMAP mail and want to use webmail one thing to bear in mind is that there are lots of webmail interfaces and they vary hugely - just be sure you like the one the supplier is putting forward.

Or, sign up with a hosted MS Exchange solution to cover all bases and have the benefit of an Outlook-like webmail interface. All options are available at HostingUK.



PS I have no connection with this company other than being a satisfied client

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06th Jul 2012 13:05

Meirhosting or Online50

If you want to stay with POP3 then get my vote!!

I have found them to be consistently very responsive and supportive.  I have used them for almost 10 years. I have a reseller account but the link above shows you their UK hosting prices (which are slightly more expensive than the US alternatives but there is a school of thought that suggests UK hosting helps you with UK SEO)

I route all my personal email to my gmail account and then I can access it all through my phone.  A key drawback is that I access gmail over the Internet and my train into London goes through areas that have patchy 3G coverage.  

If you are open to hosted Exchange, Online50 offers this for just £7.50 per user per month (unlimited mailboxes).  Hosted Exchange is fantastic for business email where there are many people - you can backup all your email - which isn't easily possible with the other options.  Also you don't have to operate your own internal Exchange server.  A tweak for blackberry means you can also access most of the items on your blackberry without a Blackberry server.  You can easily view and interact with other staff's calendars, emails etc. so nothing gets lost or overlooked.  Team collaboration is great using this tool.  I work for Online50.  


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06th Jul 2012 13:50

Titan Internet

Not the cheapest, but after a serious of earlier nightmares, best for me!

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06th Jul 2012 13:54


I recommend Google Apps

You can probably use the free version and get the best email service there is.

Will handle all of your requirements above and you can also use Google Sites for creating / managing your proposed new website.

Best of all it's simple with no installation for you to do at your end.


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By Luke
06th Jul 2012 14:29

Thanks for responses

I will get investigating your suggestions, thanks for taking the time to reply.

It is the thought of whether I can cope with the hassle/have the time to ensure it is all sorted before my holiday in a couple of weeks.  Even when they say it is no hassle there is inevitably some time consuming stuff to sort out.


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07th Jul 2012 17:05

Google Apps
Another vote for Google Apps. Amazing and free.

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By suepg
09th Jul 2012 18:34 -

We have been using them without any difficulty for several years. Quick to help and always on hand to answer questions.

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By Luke
15th Oct 2012 12:12

Thanks all

After procrastinating lots, last week was particularly bad for emails getting rejected without any notification so I finally moved to TSOHost, all is going well so far.

All I need to do now is redesign the whole website for SEO...

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By teo89
03rd Jul 2014 18:33

I believe is very reliable, they are hosting my email domain name from 2012. I do not remember a downtime. Their  support is very good,  I also use calendar and address book with calDav carDav with my ipad and these services are very good.

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16th May 2015 18:51

thank teo89

teo89 wrote:

... Their  support is very good,  I also use calendar and address book with calDav carDav with my ipad and these services are very good.


thanks teo89 

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