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Any special concerns for journalist clients?

Had an enquiry from a journalist...

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Happy Friday!!

I've got the chance to take on (or at least quote for) a journalist, and I could swear having read somewhere that there are special considerations with thier tax affairs.

Not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me.  Are there any tax issues that specifically affect journalists?  I guess AML / PEP could be an issue...

Many thanks for any answers..  ;-)


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By Hugo Fair
16th Jul 2021 21:55

Honest answer is don't know (no direct experience of a journalist's tax affairs) but a few thoughts:
* it is a prime area for IR35 indecision between employee and self-employed status
* it's a job description applied to a wide range of activities, so nowadays may include contributions to websites/blogs/etc of indeterminate location
* for similar reasons income may be irregular and hard to track against when work was delivered (especially if paid per click or whatever)

I doubt there's anything massively peculiar to specifically being a journalist (other than maybe which expenses are allowable as valid research?), so personally I'd make my decision (to bid for the work) based as much as anything on how much you like/respect the individual (methodical or chaotic, trustworthy or a chancer, etc).

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By Philosophic1
19th Jul 2021 16:18

This is a really helpful response. Thank you.

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Replying to Philosophic1:
By gphemy
21st Jul 2021 17:47

Can't offer anything explicit except that HMRC must have thought there was *something* deserving of special attention (albeit 35 years ago) as there was a special tax office - FSN3 sticks in my mind, Fleet Street Newspaper! But that would have covered not just journalists, but management, and the numerous members of the Mouse family who worked the presses. Michael, his son Mick, uncle Micky, sister Minnie....

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