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Any suggestions for software? Yacht Captains recording multi-currency petty cash/credit card expenditure

Any suggestions for software? Yacht Captains...

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Can anyone offer some advice for some suitable software please? My company has a number of yachting clients and my intention is to standardise their expense reporting (wherever possible). They maintain petty cash in multiple currencies, along with debit/credit cards, this is recorded by the Captain's on board who often lack accounts experience so we need software that is intuitive, easy to use, reliable and enables flexible reporting. The reporting would then be imported or summarised and keyed into our access dimensions software on a monthly basis. We already have a yacht accounts template chart of accounts, so the facility to define the COA in the software to tie in with our existing template would be a huge benefit to us too. Ideally it would be cloud based so we can go in and get the info ourselves as and when we want to, leaving our Captains to get on with their day to day work. I've looked at Sage One, which looks ideal except it seems to lack multi-currency functionality. If anyone has any recommendations I would be most grateful.




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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 17:26

Make your own!


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15th Oct 2012 12:04

depends if yor off shore or not!

and the level of expenses , it might be appropiate to look at some telephone apps such as expensify - ther is a list of such apps on here


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16th Oct 2012 20:03

Can I suggest you try Aqilla? It has expenses built in, is a cloud based solution, allows you to map CoA to or from other systems and has a fantastic range of reporting options. or for a partner on the coast, try

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31st Oct 2012 17:56

A number of solutions.

There are a number of software solutions that can help you do this. However, given the mobile nature of the people involved, I suspect that the ideal solution for you would be both cloud and mobile.

Mobile solutions will allow the captains or the crew to take a photo of the receipt / expense and submit it to you. You can break such solutions into two types: (1) services that require the end users to take the photo and do the data entry on their phone (such as iXpenseIt) and (2) services that automatically extract the data for you from the photo (such as Expensify or Receipt Bank - the company that I work for).

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