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anybody else experienced this?

more HMRC delays

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We sent post to HMRC on 27/07/2018 which needed a response and some action from them. We have rung and rung the Agent line and are now told it will be dealt with by 6th December....., they did not mention which year!

The HMRC advisor stated that they are seriously understaffed and are trying to bring bodies in to help with the backlogs. I wonder if they are suitably qualified staff?

So from receipt on 30th July it will take them possibly 129 days to reply, I will leave it at that, our client rings us weekly for an update, its gone beyond embarrassing.

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14th Sep 2018 09:06

That does seem an extreme example, I have had recent experience of them "losing" documents only to find out when pushed that they were incorrectly scanned and filed under someone else's record

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By nodhedz
14th Sep 2018 09:08

I find the agent line hit and miss. Some staff are great, others are not so knowledgable.

Your example seems pretty bad though.

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By SteLacca
14th Sep 2018 09:10

I had to email the chairman's office because I could not get responses to correspondence challenging (incorrectly charged) penalties over a course of two years.

It was all sorted within three days of that email.

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By lionofludesch
14th Sep 2018 09:24

I'm still waiting for a reply to a letter I sent in 2002.

I've given up now.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By Watson Associates
14th Sep 2018 10:31

I think I've got that letter here somewhere, should I have forwarded it?

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