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Anybody use Copperfield for fee protection cover?

Just looking to see if anybody has anything good or bad to say about them from using them?

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We're a small practice and looking at getting fee protection cover for the first time. The small size of our average client and low number of investigations we get has put us off getting it before but we've existing and new clients actively asking about it now so we're looking into it. 

We've had a couple of quotes from the big boys and it's frankly too expensive, we have relatively small fee clients so the insurance cost makes up a good % of their fees and we're not big enough for a "client decide" type policy, so we'd need an "all practice" policy.

Then we found copperfield, their fees are much more affordable and whilst their set up isn't as comprehensive as the bigger firms it looks like it could suit us. 

But we can't find much info on them. Their website is brief, can't find any online reviews etc so we're looking to see if anybody can offer us their "real world" opinions on using them please?

How do you find the admin side of it? How is claiming through them? Etc. any advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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