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Anybody using Microsoft Bookings

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Hi All

Looking at adding Microsoft Bookings to my pratice.Is anybody using it and what do you think?

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By morgani
26th May 2017 10:05

No we weren't but now we are.
I saw your post the other day and decided to take a look at it. I'm always open to utlising tech to help with running the practice more efficiently.
I've set it up and used it on a few clients to trial it. So far I'm happy. It picked up my current outlook calendar appointments so that time is not available. I've set up standard meetings that I do (accounts review, Tax planning, general) and put it live.
We have always sent an email that details my standard availability and unavailable time in the past. Clients often mis-read it even though the unavailable time was blindingly obvious and they would try and book when I'm not available.
I think this will work very well. Plus effectively for us it's free as we already subscribe to Office 365.
My plan will now be to look at rolling it out to new clients being able to book online on our website for an initial consultation.
Thanks and hope my set up method above helps.

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