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Anybody with any experience of 'counting up'?

First few potential clients with this bank starting to arrive

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Evening all.

I'm getting the first few potential clients through the door who've already signed themselves up to the 'Counting Up' challenger bank/accounting software. It doesn't connect to Xero (fair enough, since it's trying to be its own thing) and the potentials are very small fry, so I'll probably pass.

But while the whole thing's on my mind and passing across my desk, I thought I'd see whether anyone had had any dealings with Counting Up so far and what your impressions were.

(Just as a quick note, I'm not really interested in a Counting Up employee or Rep responding - more interested in accountants in practice. Thanks.)

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By Duggimon
16th Oct 2019 11:43

It appears to be the new venture of the Clear Books founder so they have some credence in the industry I guess.

I have had no dealings with them or anyone using them though and their assertion that coming soon is an add on to the software that calculates and files your tax for you makes me view them with suspicion, though no more than every single other accounting software provider who make the same fallacious claims.

Garbage in garbage out, the real measure is how the software will allow someone with limited bookkeeping knowledge to keep accurate records and I've never found anything better than a spreadsheet for that.

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