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Anyone else getting VAT non filing letters?

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I've had two different clients contact me today saying that their Sept qtr VAT returns haven't been filed.

I've checked both and both were filed well before the deadline, and clients had paid their VAT on time also.

Any one else getting odd letters or did I just get back luck this month?

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By jonharris999
23rd Nov 2020 16:34

Getting a few of these. Pain in the neck. I called HMRC re the first 3 and they said oh, er, sorry, ignore.

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By OldParkAcct
23rd Nov 2020 22:36

Yes.. latest one was a £10k estimated assessment, where the return had been submitted on time by MTD showing a small refund.
Haven’t had the motivation to call HMRC yet to ask what is happening.

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By Hugo Fair
25th Nov 2020 17:31

Could this be related to the following announcement today (within an MTD Agent Update email from HMRC)?

"MTD Account showing amount due incorrectly

Due to COVID 19 we have updated our systems to prevent credits being assigned to deferred VAT liabilities. This has resulted in some amounts showing as outstanding in your MTD account despite having been paid. There is nothing to worry about in relation to this amount. The systems update will be reversed on 31/03/2021 at the end of the deferral period."

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By Michael Beaver
25th Nov 2020 18:44

Both of the ones I got were under 'old' VAT, so I don't think that's it.

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