Anyone else having problems filing SA returns?

I'm trying to file tax returns online is the system down again?

Didn't find your answer?

I am trying to file SA returns through taxcalc and getting no response, is the system down?

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23rd Dec 2022 12:25

No just submitted two returns via taxcalc

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By rmillaree
23rd Dec 2022 12:37

I got an error message from hmrc yeterday ref ct600 - i checked this morning and return had gone through even though my software (btc) didnt get the normal confirmation - so i suspect at certain peak times stuff may be going through without the normal confirmation being issued

update just tried another ct600 and no confirmation so deffo seems like hmrc are having intermittent issues - i have su=ccessfully submitted other ct600's today.

Perhaps the last minute brigade (me included) are testing hmrc a tad.

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By Calculatorboy
26th Dec 2022 19:56

It's just hmrc snail system. Its probably filed by taxcalc ok ..probably just hmrc sluggush acknowledgement, cancel and log out of taxcalc .later resume and all should be ok

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