Anyone else having problems with HMRC Online

We follow links on the website only to be told that the links are not valid.

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No releveant "current issues" are shown by HMRC.  However:

1. We cannot file VAT returns.  we keep going round in circles.  Enter username & password.  File VAT Return.  Enter username & password. And so on

2. Trying to get SA Account Summary for client leads to "Invalid Web Address" or something similar

3.  Logging onto our own PAYE site is impossible.

Does anyoene else have similar problems?

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By AdShawBPR
22nd Mar 2017 05:56

Yep! There are a few separate threads on this at the moment and still not working this morning. HMRC are aware of the issue and have said to 'give them a few days' to sort it out. The poor things!

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By davidrupp
22nd Mar 2017 07:24

Same here - I was going to ring the helpline at 8am but won't bother now if they're on the case.

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By sally1964
22nd Mar 2017 12:59

Said the same to me yesterday - which is why I posted last night to save others the wasted time of ringing them.

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By Bagas.Ynnya
22nd Mar 2017 13:10

Problem for me too.
It is definitely an isolated problem. For me...PAYE, CT, SA all work fine, and some parts of VAT. I can for instance look at a clients VAT registration certificate.
But the problem comes when I try to file a VAT return, at this point the website throws you back to the sign-in screen and you just can't "get in" to the page you want.
Whoever is watching this thread, if you are first to spot the repaired web link, why not do us all a favour and post that all is working ok. I will do that if I am first "back in"!!!

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