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Anyone else having problems with MTD VAT Returns?

Twice I have had data retrieval issues. Currently still not working

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Is anyone else currently experiencing problem filing MTD VAT Returns?

I use Iris VAT Filer and cannot do anything with any of the clients Returns as I get a message "Due to an issue with HMRC systems this process was unsuccessful."

I had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago and Iris suggested I undo my authorized agent status and go through the authorization process again.  I was a bit wary of doing this in case I had problems getting that to work properly.   In the end the problem resolved before I did that.     Its very stressful and time wasting when you get these issues and you dont know whether they will sort themselves out or not. 

Be interested to hear if anyone having similar problems.  I have submitted lots of Returns without issue.   The problem has only been on these 2 occasions recently. 

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By Peter Anderson
16th Nov 2020 16:34

HMRC are doing planned maintenance today:

It should be finished by 5pm

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Replying to Peter Anderson:
By barberbuzz
16th Nov 2020 17:19

Many thanks. Its working now.
Thought I had checked for HMRC down times - but obviously didn't find the info I needed.

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By memyself-eye
16th Nov 2020 17:08

I thought it was my 'pewter'


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By frankfx
16th Nov 2020 17:28

Returns as I get a message "Due to an issue with HMRC systems this process was unsuccessful."

Don't we all hate it when an insipid message pops up.

Whoever writes the message and the team who sign off the message should ask the question.

" So"

Followed by'

" Would my paying customer, pay for the message?"

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