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Anyone else having problems with RTI still

Still can not file month end RTI

Didn't find your answer?

HMRC even admit they are still having problems, but after several hours of phone calls, only the the last advisor admitted it.

It does not help me (and others), as I am just sat here wondering why the hell the RTI subbmissions are not working.

Lo and behold it is an HMRC issue, not my log in and password.

They say, try again on Wednesday, it should be sorted by then?

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By lionofludesch
02nd Oct 2017 20:15

The latest one I filed was last Friday. That went through OK but I've nothing to file at the moment.

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By SteveHa
03rd Oct 2017 08:42

Yesterday they were a bit slow getting the responses, but they all went through.

Have two to do today, so we'll see.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
03rd Oct 2017 09:09

Ok for RTI but the government gateway seems to be like Russian Roulette if you can access it or not at the minute.

Keep getting message "This Page si not available for Agents at present".

MTD is going to be great fun.

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By spcm
03rd Oct 2017 13:24

Apparently RTI went down on Friday and HMRC have been having problems for a while with Self Assessment. Since trying at the weekend, I have only just been able to file an urgent Self Assessment - all the advisers would say yesterday was that they couldn't escalate the problem because too many people had complained, and perhaps I should try filing the tax return on paper to deal with the urgency!!! Having great problems signing in as well, as I use Firefox and neither system talks to each other properly! Roll on MTD! I have to wonder if these problems have been caused by the updates on the exclusions??

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By pauljohnston
05th Oct 2017 13:54

Is there a simalr thread already running on this subject?

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