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Anyone else received a bag of Guatemalan Worry Dolls?

Anyone else received a bag of Guatemalan Worry...

I've just received a plastic envelope containing an A4 sheet and a cotton bag of 6 weird (quite disturbing) matchstick dolls from a Robin Porter of Arpey Internet telling me that he can get me loads of new biz using Panoptic Marketing, saying it works with pinpoint accuracy, and is like having my own highly effective special forces team that hits high value targets, in fact better than that it's all "Laser focused".

He's been in business for 12 years, but he doesn't say doing what, perhaps he was preparing the dolls?

I'm just about to email him to say he's a waste of oxygen but wondered if it was one of you lot having a Friday laugh?

I hope it's not just me, if so, thank god thet've just passed the stalking law.



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30th Nov 2012 12:50

you have all the fun Paul

panoptic , is that wide angle 20 20 vision - er NO

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30th Nov 2012 13:14


think they use them in Greek bars....sorry it's Friday!

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30th Nov 2012 13:26

on the Ouzo already

good man

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By Flash Gordon
30th Nov 2012 13:51

I ran out years ago

So where do you get your tippex thinner for sniffing these days? I have to rely on the toxic fumes of a thick black marker!

I do fancy having my own special forces hit team though, I'm quite envious :)

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By pembo
30th Nov 2012 14:34

be afraid

After some furious googling I'm none the wiser...all rather worrying especially as their website brags  "We adopt a friendly Plain English approach with customers "....""        "..............

If panoptic laser focused special forces teams are plain English then I'm a dutchman....think you should email Robin to ask him to clarify (in plain english of course) what the hell he's talking about....




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By Old Greying Accountant
30th Nov 2012 23:29

Does the name come ...

... from the fact you worry about why you've been sent them?

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01st Dec 2012 10:47

It's a bit different from a crystal ball

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