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Anyone else with problems accessing Sage Accounts?

Sage Drive problems over last 48 hours so working remotely on Sage Accounts as been a nightmare.

Didn't find your answer?

Due to the recent Sage Drive problems that don't look like being fixed immediately what are the alternatives to Sage Cloud Accounts?

Only 3 users at the moment accessing 3 companies.

Probably best time now to look for an alternative.

Require remote access.

Thanks in advance.

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By paulwakefield1
17th Jun 2020 07:49

Your post caused me to look at the Sage Drive status page. A sorry story indeed!

The obvious options are Xero or Quickbooks. I have a preference for Xero out of the two.

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Replying to paulwakefield1:
By 0105993
17th Jun 2020 09:28

Yes, and still currently down. Could not have happened at a worse time when more people working from home. Unfortunately for Sage, they will lose many customers because of this. 3 days with no access not acceptable.

I have looked at Xero and probably may go down that route.

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By Cardigan
17th Jun 2020 15:33

Not only could I not access Sage Monday and yesterday, but all the work I did on Friday has disappeared.

Not a happy camper.

It is a client's licence and we have no control over backups etc. Not that it would have mattered. If we restore a backup now, I will lose all the work I did today and the work the client did this week (who was able to access Sage for a bit).

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By Smalltalk
24th Jun 2020 16:31

we still have problem. data lost, time lost. and yet, Sage won't waive the fees for June. very poor customer service, i would say.

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