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Anyone had a PAYE processing cert. yet this week?

Anyone had a PAYE processing cert. yet this week?

Has anyone successfully had a P14/P35 processing certificate yet since the database went back up?  I have one which has been "pending" over 48 hours now.  I realise I'd be able to get any of their silly fines quoshed, but only after numerous 0845 calls and pointless letters, and possibly a Tribunal too.

So I am reluctant to file any more until I am confident the system is working properly.  No way do I want lots of clients going in to the "Too Difficult" pile, one is bad enough!


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12th Apr 2012 13:01

Down time

Sage issued a notice saying do not file P35's until after the 14 Apr-12 as you will not get a client specific notification but a generic one. 

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By puzzel
12th Apr 2012 13:05


sets submitted and completed with e-mail confirmation today.(specific confirmation)

The system is very slow as so many are accessing the system.

The first one I filled at around 8:45 this morning took 2 minutes, the next one took over half an hour. Not bothering to complete any more today, but will be in a bit earlier on Monday.

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By ACDWebb
12th Apr 2012 13:46

HMRC Service availability says

Wednesday 11 April 06:00 – Friday 13 April 18:00

The PAYE Online service will be available from 06:00 on Wednesday 11 April however following the scheduled upgrade you may still experience a delay in receiving your online acknowledgement. Your acknowledgement will be sent by Friday 13 April

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


So probably tomorrow then

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12th Apr 2012 14:30

Yes - Moneysoft working fine

I processed several over the Bank Holiday weekend and received a message saying no confirmation would be received until the 11th.

I have now received confirmation of all those submitted, most of the confirmations were received today.

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13th Apr 2012 08:25

it's a bad joke

How these numpties believe they have a prayer of coping with this every month under RTI just beggars belief!

The planet HMRC is a very scary place bearing no relation to the planet Earth.

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