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Anyone had any issues using Pandle?

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Hi, just wondered if anyone has used Pandle, and if there are any problems you've found?  It looks like it'll be perfect for my client's needs but wanted to check what others had found with it before suggesting it.

I've looked at the "search" feature but the latest post I could find was December, and I wasn't sure if there had been any changes in experience since then.


Thank you

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By sunbeam42
27th Jul 2019 19:58

Sorry, should have said, my client is a charity

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By the_drookit_dug
27th Jul 2019 22:06

I use it for the trading sub of a charity. Does the job - no complaints from me. Not got the greatest amount of features in the world, but can't expect that really.

Accounting for restricted and designated funds may need some thought, such as prefixing transactions to indicate they relate to specific funds.

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By clark.hall
29th Jul 2019 17:17

A sole trader client has been using it and taken to it very well. Made year end easier. I’d recommend

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By Wanderer
29th Jul 2019 17:42

Signed up about a dozen clients to it in the last couple of months. At £30 per year compares favourably with some of the other online offerings.
Very simple and intuitive to use. Had no issues so far.
Get regular e-mails about new features and additional functionality they've added.

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