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Anyone had any quirks with HMRC Generic Notices?

Receiving emails saying Generic PAYE Notices waiting, but nothing when I log in.

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I've had a couple of emails saying I have a generic notice regarding PAYE for clients.  When I log into the agent portal and go to recent notices, it lists my clients with a '1' next to Generic Notifications, but when I click through it says there are no messages to display.

Anyone else come across this?   Perhaps coincidentally, both the clients it lists have a member of staff on maternity leave, which may be pure coincidence but seems a bit odd!

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By Cloudcounter
30th Dec 2019 22:26

Been the same for ages. I gave up wasting time checking years ago.

Typical HMRC IT

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By Chris.Mann
30th Dec 2019 22:41

The joke is, of course, the request that the agent takes part in a survey, each and every time you log on!

And yes, similar email received earlier today. And yes, no light at the end of the tunnel.

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30th Dec 2019 23:43

The emails usually appear 24 to 48 hours before the notices they refer to.

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
31st Dec 2019 01:32

I received a Generic Notification Notice e-mail for one of my clients on 30 December. I have accessed the portal and the notice asks to check eligibility of Employment Allowance claimed for that client.

That client is definitely eligible for Employment Allowance, so it appears HMRC's computer has messed up.

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Replying to Locutus:
31st Dec 2019 09:11

Or more likely HMRC haven't got a clue which businesses can't claim because they are connected to other businesses, still its not as bad as the ico unpaid bill approach.

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Replying to GW:
By lionofludesch
31st Dec 2019 10:16

GW wrote:

Or more likely HMRC haven't got a clue which businesses can't claim because they are connected to other businesses....

Agree - HMRC can't be sure the employer is eligible.

It's a fair question.

What's not so smart is emailing folk before they can access the message. Folk look at their account, see nothing, don't check back later, don't get the message. I don't understand the stupidity of email first, message later.

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By CJaneH
31st Dec 2019 10:45


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By psimonparsons
31st Dec 2019 14:00

As a general principle, they are a waste of time. Generic nonsense would be a better terminology. Some have their uses, other have their uselessness.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
02nd Jan 2020 13:43

Ditto Cloudcounter's comment - I do a cursory look usually about a day after the email hits my email box but invariably nothing is there.

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