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Anyone know anyone who has worked with CIO's?

Client wants a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

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A client of ours is looking to set up a new CIO from scratch, we dont have any experience and one of our team is off on maternity so dont have the time to figure it out.  Any recomendations for an accountant to refer this through to with actual, real life experience?


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13th Jun 2018 15:46

To set it up, you're better off looking for a solicitor with experience, rather than an accountant.

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13th Jun 2018 15:51

The legal bit and the board are set up already (constitution?) - its just incorporating a company and applying to the charities commission. This sounds easy but you don't know what you don't know and we don't have the time to find out!

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to KungFuKipper
13th Jun 2018 16:09

Pint them at this

If it's a CIO then applying to the CC is how they become a CIO; you don't do it with CH (unlike guarantee companies)

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to WhichTyler
13th Jun 2018 16:36

also if they make the application themselves, then any queries the CC has will go straight back to the founders, rather than routing through you (and you won't have to explain them or sort them out)

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13th Jun 2018 16:40

Rawlinsons at Peterborough.
Mark Jackson helped with our local friends group.
The whole point of a CIO is that you do not get involved with Companies House bureaucracy or HMRC, only reporting to the Charity Commissioners. You don't even have to do any traditional accounting methods unless fundraising goes above a certain level.

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15th Jun 2018 12:44

Thanks all, we found a practice locally that has done this before and referred through to them.

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