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Anyone recently swtiched to CCH?

CCH practice software

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Has anyone recently moved to CCH?

We are considering the plunge but there is hardly any opinion/feedbacks around to rely on, either they have happy customers or not many people are using!

On the face of it, a fully integrated solution.

Many thanks


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By FirstTab
29th Sep 2020 10:14

TaxAssit franchise used to have this. No more. Take this as feedback.

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
30th Sep 2020 09:48

Have used it, but found it weird.
It has odd "features" like needing to save every page for the data to be kept, but why would you be entering data if not to save it?
It works, but my colleagues didn't like it. I could live with it, but it wasn't great. Maybe its better now, but wouldn't be keen to have it again.
See if you can see it in action for real (perhaps at another firm) to help make your mind up.

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By northernmonkey
30th Sep 2020 10:07

We changed to CCH about a year ago (having been with iris for about 9 years prior to that). It's been a huge improvement on iris, much more user friendly and a fair bit cheaper too, and the support is better. There are a few faults, but i think you get that with any software system. The integration is great, the reporting excellent and the workflows are a better practice management tool than Iris' offering. I think it probably depends on practice size too though - we are a firm of 20 with about 1200 clients; if we were smaller I think we'd struggle with the cost justification.

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Replying to northernmonkey:
By qadri23
30th Sep 2020 10:23

Thank you, lovely to hear this, may I ask if you are using their virtual machine solution or data resides on your own the server?

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By Peter Anderson
30th Sep 2020 15:39

The firm I work for uses CCH. I like the integratedness and its very useful having everything in one place. There's plenty quirks in it that you have to live with, e.g. you there's differences in the way you process data in personal tax to the way you do it on Corporation Tax.

I didn't like their Company Secretarial and it wasn't really integrated (you access it through CCH programme but there are no links with the other info on other areas of CCH). We've stopped using the Co Sec and moved that to Inform Direct.

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All Paul Accountants in Leeds
By paulinleeds
01st Oct 2020 11:43

I used CCH at my old firm for 8 years. It's designed for big practices with lots of restricted data and access to certain grades/types of people.

I started my own firm 8 years ago and gave them a ring. Was surprised to find out that 33% of their clients were people like me, who'd used the software in a larger firm, started their own firm (sometimes with no staff) and still use it.

I use Accounts Production and Corporation Tax. I use the HMRC free website for personal tax. I pay £1500 for Account and CT. In the scheme of things it's only a few percent of my practice income. I thing Personal Tax is around another £800.

CCH are professional. Software support works fine. I very rarely phone them and when I do it's not for training, but dealing with faults.

The software requires an installation of SQL database. Initial install deal with all of that automatically. If you need to change servers etc then I think it can be a costly issue for small firms if you cannot deal with it yourself. It's not not like you just backup the database, re-run the install routine on the new computer and restore the data. It's the SQL database being in-between that can get complex.

CCH will help, but they charge nicely for it.

Overall, I'm happy with the software, Ltd Accounts to CT and tagging is not too complex and good integration.

Quarterly updates go through without a glitch. They give good instructions and extensive notes on what has changed. I do not want most of the fixes and improvement. It's certainly a robust piece of 'bigger firm' software.

I'm still a one man band with no staff.

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Replying to paulinleeds:
By qadri23
01st Oct 2020 11:59

Thank you, paul, such amazing feedback.

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By PFreeman
02nd Oct 2020 10:06

We have now been with CCH for 4 years having moved away from IRIS after 13 years.

With the ability to see everything that is going on throughout the practice, using their live dashboard views, detailed reports, alerts, and tailored job management we can track every activity in all production departments with ease.

Amoung many needs we had in making the move to CCH we were keen to introduce a powerful document management solution into the practice, provide our clients with an online area for messages and their documents and ensure our staff were using a solution that is moving with internal and external changes / demand.

CCH has provided our practice with production efficiencies in all compliance areas, given us operational advantages by reducing administration with the likes of document management and One Click whilst ensuring we are future-proofed on a software platform that can cope with our growth and office expansion plan.

Strongly recommended – a demo of the solution will quickly help illustrate how it can play a part within your practice.

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By djn
02nd Oct 2020 13:58

We have used CCH for maybe 10 years. We were almost the guinea pigs when they moved to the new .net version. The old system was absolutely terrible.
It's a very good product now. Nothing like the version that came before it.
There are some annoying things but I suppose that would be the same with any software
Send me a pm and I'll send you my number if you'd like a chat about it.
Moving software is a huge task and so you probably want as much info as you can!

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