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Anyone Recommend a reasonably priced AML solution

Need a reasonably priced AML solution for a small practice

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Ive been looking in to some automated AML compliance services, a lot of the websites don't explain pricing, and I guess thats because they want to lure you in with a demo first, then hit you with the price.

I wondered if anyone knows of a decent AML compliance service, which has a reasonable cost for a small practice of around 200 clients.

Ive been looking in to AMLCC and seems to be priced quite well, but wondered if there was any others people could recommend, or whether they have any expierence in AMLCC and their thoughts on it.

Thank you.

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By Maslins
28th Mar 2019 09:01

We use Taxcalc's facility for the identity checks. Works fine for us, and when you buy in reasonable bulk costs ~£2/check.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
28th Mar 2019 09:18

We use veriphy for checks, its £4 a go, no extra costs anywhere or paying for bundles you might not use.

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By SXGuy
28th Mar 2019 09:35

Thanks for that guys.

I was really looking for automated solutions for things such as due diligence and risk assessments.

Aml check in itself is pretty easy to find quite cheaply.

I just fancy having something all under one roof which walks you though the process of the above and automates most the work.

I understand I could do all that manually but I like the idea of it being streamlined and easily accessible for any checks.

Which is why I was drawn to AMLCC and others.

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By Glenn Martin
28th Mar 2019 09:58

I use AMLCC it is very thorough and easy to use.

There is no much automated though and there is a lot of manual entry. keeps everything in one place and they keep you up to date with all paperwork and risk assessments etc. Not badly priced I think you get it free membership of ICPA and the like.

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By Kaylee100
29th Mar 2019 10:45

SWAT Accountancy do a good value pack. I pay annually. Its online so you download when required and therefore documentation is the most updated version each time you use it.

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By pauljohnston
04th Apr 2019 10:47

AMLCC gets our vote too

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By Ajtms
04th Apr 2019 14:32

AMLCC gets our vote too with Taxcalc for the id checks

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