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anyone remember 1234/foreign

I remember reading about others comming across this tax return fiction on the forum but cant find it

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several years ago i was using hmrc software to submit a tax return for a client and was told by HMRC helpline that for overseas income to be correctly calculated we needed to enter it on UK employment pages but with PAYE code of 1234/Foreign.  Iat the same time saw it on this forum that others had the same advice.  I did so and printed out the forum page.  now HMRC deny giveing the advice and I cant find my printed page.  any help?


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26th Apr 2019 01:47

Advice was to use use 000/N

From e.g. here:-

17 SA102 E1 Box 4 EMP4
If you have a Foreign Employer with no Employer reference please follow the workaround.
Please populate the box with 000/N where there is a Foreign Employer with no Employment reference.

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