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Anyone used a Quickbooks app to import transactions?

Anyone used a Quickbooks app to import...

Following my earlier thread about the pros and cons of Sage50 vs QB I decided to move to QB.  However I then discovered QB doesn't have a transaction import facility.

I'm sure I'm not on my own in having a number (most) of my clients who don't have any accounting software.  I've persuaded most to provide me with their sales and purchases analysed on spreadsheets so I can easily import them into Sage.  Other clients have huge volumes of small transactions managed through their own operating system that, via the transaction import, I can into Sage seamlessly.

It seems if I move to QB I won't be able to do this without using a third party app (although these are listed on the Intuit website so I guess they are accredited).  Has anyone ever used such an app.  The one I have seen is called Transaction Pro Importer 5.0.

Any advice/experiences gratefully received


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30th Jul 2012 12:32

Yes you can import

Hi Chris,

You can import transactions into QuickBooks and I have done so in the (distant) past.


From memory, it seemed tricky at first but once you get the file templates setup it's then pretty straightforward.


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30th Jul 2012 12:50

As I argued in my last post, Sage apologist always cited "Importing" as the selling point of Sage.

Prior to latest version of QB, it was really a nightmare to import into Quickbooks.

I have read somewhere that you can easily import customers, supplierd details in CSV, XLX format, but I do not think you can easily import invoices as Sage does . This is the price  you pay for  getting cheap, user friendly, superb reports.

The pro-user 5 version 2012 is priced under £500. I still think QB would be cheaper than Sage even if you were to spend another 500 quid on thrid party software to import your data.

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30th Jul 2012 14:49

If sage currently works for you...

...why bother changing?

It sounds like you have evolved processes around sage which save you time, so why not just stick with that?

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30th Jul 2012 20:08

@zarathustra I would prefer to move to QB because, other than than the import facility, QB seems better than Sage in every area.  Hence why if I can use an app to get QB to do the one thing Sage is better at there is, literally, no reason NOT to change.

That said, importing transactions is so important to me that if the QB apps aren't that great then I'll likely stick with Sage.

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26th Aug 2012 22:52

iif transaction creator from big red consulting for importing

For years I have used iif transaction creator from big red consulting for importing into QB.


I have never had any problems with IIF, it takes a time to read and understand and set up the import files correctly the first time but after that it is great.

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By iriyas
06th Feb 2013 11:34

DO the US apps work on the UK version of quickbooks

Hello all


sorry to review an old thread but do these US apps work for the UK version of QB?




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09th Feb 2014 23:28


We have an import and export utility for QuickBooks UK, its called Zed Axis.  We can confirm that the utility works with the QuickBooks UK desktop range.  There is a demo version you can download.



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