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Anyone used

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Has anyone used Grateful for any experience you can share. 

Thinking of giving it a go but concerned it will be a waste of money. 


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By Jdopus
16th Apr 2018 15:04

Our practice has used it and seen very good results out of it, however that's at least partly because we're one of the only people in our region using them meaning we aren't competing against many others for the leads we're sent. If you're in an area with a lot of other users you may see less impressive results but overall we've been very happy with them.

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16th Apr 2018 15:53

I have had no joy whatsoever and don't know even if these leads are genuine.

They also set expectations how much a service should cost

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By SEacc
to JimLittle
16th Apr 2018 17:25

I did wonder how serious the leads were, some fee guides are very low.

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16th Apr 2018 15:58

They've latched onto me, since when I've been inundated with "local" leads from up to 400 miles away.

In one afternoon, I had invitations from Truro, Oban and Bournemouth.

If they only had a map ......

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16th Apr 2018 16:22

I gave a trial, but I didn't like its format or lead quality.

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