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Anyone used the HMRC online filing for company accounts?

Anyone used the HMRC online filing for company...

I have recently taken on a client who prepared her own company accounts and tax return last year.

I need a copy of the accounts she prepared and she hasnt kept a copy.

I've never used the HMRC online filing system to submit accounts and tax returns and wonder if anyone has, and if so if they know whether its possible for my client to log in and get a copy of the accounts she submitted.


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18th Feb 2016 16:51

I used the HMRC online filing more than a year ago. at that time you were not able to fill in without saving it on your pc. Ask your client to search for it on her pc, as i remember the file was saved as simple CT600 in pdf. i do not think you can get a copy by loggin in.

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By mayfair
18th Feb 2016 16:52

Hello Happy

I have used HMRC for filing a couple of times, periodically the software will get you to save the data when completing the accounts.

Somewhere on the clients hard drive should be a PDF, from memory I think is is called 'CT600 output'  (or similar).  This will have the information you need.  Hopefully the client hasn't deleted it.

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18th Feb 2016 17:08


The client should have it - but maybe she didn't click "save".

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By happy
18th Feb 2016 17:12

Thanks all.

She assures me she did save it but all she seems to have is a CT600 and balance sheet, no P&L.

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18th Feb 2016 17:20

Three parts

CT600 output consists of three parts


The statutory accounts in HMRC format 

The computations, which will include the SAI Trading account and capital allowances claims

A CT600 pdf


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18th Feb 2016 18:16

Write to HMRC
I take it you mean to HMRC

Companies house beta for accounts filed there. Letter or phone call to HMRC, even the corporation tax helpline and you will have them within 2 weeks.

I used the online system once and it was ok. Its a tick box approach and allows you to file both accounts at companies house and the CT return to HMRC including computations at the same time.

Best using your commercial software though as much quicker

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19th Feb 2016 10:39

Accounts on CT600 file

If you've got the CT600 file usually at the very end is a copy of the CT600 output file if you open the CT600. you get the option to view or print and it asks you to save the CT600 output.

It sound like she has saved the accts files at Companies House as the CT600output rather than the full file.

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19th Feb 2016 17:45

Agree with the above

I don't think she's saved it right.

The fact that she's only got a balance sheet suggests she's saved the CoHo version.

Letter to HMRC is called for I'm afraid.

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24th Feb 2016 08:31

Letter to HMRC

This is the only way to get the info included in the previous accounts.  I hope it is correct otherwise you will have two years accounts to consider

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28th Feb 2016 11:01


Is this something to do with Adobe's update ?

I went back to one yesterday and found that the Output file couldn't be opened "because my settings were wrong for this file".

Very helpfully, no mention of what settings were wrong and how that could be changed.

I seem to spend 90% of  my time sorting out software problems and 5% actually using the programmes!!

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28th Feb 2016 16:39

Page 1

When you say she only has a CT600 is there a front page which says


Statutory accounts

Abbreviated accounts




Each of the three lines is actually a link which opens the background document in html format.

The CT600 forms the next few pages of the .pdf file

The detailed p&l is not part of the submission ever as the boxes completed in the computation section only summarise categories.


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28th Feb 2016 17:33

Adobe DC

And with New Improved Adobe DC, those links have vanished.

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29th Feb 2016 08:09


After reading your post I have checked both existing .pdf's and downloading new periods with Adobe DC.

Opening existing CT600 files works, but says certification not recognised.

Downloading a new return works.

Opening an existing CT600output file works, and my links work too, but I do remember it taking more than one attempt to amend the Trust settings after the update was applied on my laptop - so much so that I have not upgraded on my desktop and am dreading the point I need to allow it as I do not like the misleading layouts of DC 

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29th Feb 2016 17:30

Doesn't exist

Going back myself, the Output file I downloaded on Saturday now doesn't exist and has been deleted by Adobe.

Not exactly solved, but at least I can stop looking.

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