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Anyone using Accelerated Business Growth System?

Anyone using Accelerated Business Growth System?

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I have been looking at Peter Thomson's Accelerated Business Growth System. It seems to be popular among Probiz and AVN members. Does anyone have any comments on their experience/success using it? Is it worth two grand?
Nigel Harris


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01st Apr 2008 09:10

Accelerated Business Growth System
I feel obliged to comment on Peter Thomson's excellent business development program, the Accelerated Business Growth System as someone who has

a) bought it
b) used it
c) recommended it to other people.

First let me address the two negative comments

a) I agree that the sales letter is not to my tastes as it pushes on the boundaries of hype but I have seen worse. In my experience the UK is gradually moving to this more American style of copywriting.

b) I don't know how Peter Thomson arranges his business through various companies but I do know that the current version of the Accelerated Business Growth System was not released until January or February 2007 so the accounting numbers quoted are irrelevant.

The ABGS is a comprehensive growth program across 36 modules that look at marketing, sales, communication, influence and negotiation plus some personal development issues.

I like this combination of working on the business owner as well as working on the business. For change to happen, it has to be done on both levels.

Will the ABGS help everybody increase their profits?


Incredibly some people buy business development program after business development program and either never even see the training materials or don't move from learning into action.

Some people want the benefits but aren't prepared to put in the efforts required. The AGBS isn't a magic bullet. You do have to work to become very familiar with the concepts and then practice and gradually hone your skills.

It was sales trainer David Sandler, founder of the Sandler Sales Institute who said "You can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar." Sales skills have to be developed under the face to face pressure of a customer or client raising objectives or haggling about the price.

I am familiar with many sales techniques but because the ABGS is so comprehensive in that it teaches you a selling system and then builds around the basic approach with powerful communication methods it has given me more confidence in sales situations.

And more confidence translates into more success.

If you are reading this and thinking about buying the ABGS then you have to consider the urgency of your own situation and whether you can implement a business development program on your own.

As a business coach, I know that the ABGS is a lower cost than hiring a business coach for long and you retain the training materials but some people can't move from learning into action without some form of external accountability.

If you have the time to wait before improving your business then why not try Peter Thomson's monthly newsletter, the Achievers Edge. You will get an idea of his approach and find out whether his style suits you. There is also a free report "The 7 Big Mistakes" which is well worth reading.

Best of all, if a chance comes up to see Peter Thomson live, take it. He is a dynamic stage presenter.

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By Anonymous
26th Feb 2008 18:44

Objective information
For information, and from the published accounts of PTI plc for the year to 31 Dec 2006, the companies turnover was £238,445 (2005: £219,800), and it has accumulated losses of £10,331.

If (and this is just an assumption) the turnover derives entirely from sales of the scheme, that would imply about 120 subscriptions in the year, income up 8% year on year

This may (or may not) help you form an opinion about the effectiveness of his sales methods.

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By Anonymous
26th Feb 2008 17:41

load of tosh
Lets look at it....
...have a look at his website

Firstly any business that runs it's web-site such that you can't leave it using the 'back button' is obviously keener to annoy you than have a decent realationship. about 5000 pages all spread down one single screen.

What an awful clash of colours.

Usual pictures of beaches, Jags and babes

Usual smattering of 'I made an extra 10 trillion dollars for 10 minutes a day'

Lost of piccies of famous rich people...yu can be like them too

Loads of 'mock auction cr4p' - it's not 50k to join, it's not even 25k, it's not even 10k

Lots of $500 if you sign up today/now guff

Loads of pictures of CDs/DVD/boks ...beacuse after all that's what makes all the difference to succeeding or failing in business!!!!!!!!

Lots of fake testimonials

Reminds me of the adverts in windows saying "send me $25 and I'll tell you how to make money"....the idea is to put the same cards in other woindows ie to rip off other suckers!!!

I could go on but it's such a scam it's depressing.

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25th Feb 2008 20:19

Not sure yet!

I'm a big fan of Peter Thomson and about halfway through ABGS. It's really good but I don't think I have learnt anything new yet.

What it does do really well is make you realise what you already know and actually practise it! I didn't realise how much I did know until I started working through the modules.

So is it worth two grand? Well, if it helps you to win one new client or negotiate higher fees and sell more services then surely the answer is yes. The Magic Matrix is a good example of how to make more sales through selling more services to existing clients.

So if you are going to buy it "crack on" and go for it!

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