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Anyone using Docusign?

Electronic signatures

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Am looking to substantially reduce paper and postage costs. Seems the government is all about electronic signatures so there is no issue there.

Have had a look at Docusign. We use gmail for email so it's pretty straightforward.

We know we have to vary our engagement letters and our governing body have said we can do that by email.

Anyone using Docusign for accounts and tax returns?


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By Manchester_man
04th Nov 2016 21:48

A colleague's practice uses it and they have a lot of praise for it. You upload tax returns to it (for example) and drag and drop a signature box over the signature line on the declaration page, add a covering letter etc and send to the client. They get an email with a link to the document and if they approve, they click on the signature box you dragged onto the declaration page and they type their name into it. It makes up a signature, using a style as selected by the client.

Once the client has done that, you get an email saying that the client has signed and you can either leave it stored within Docusign, or you can download to your computer / network and it appears just like the client has actually signed it themselves, together with an authentication number.

I opted for Iris Openspace myself, but only because it is free for non-Iris users. Docusign is around £20 per month I think per user (that is approx, and from memory - it may be more or less)

Docusign works fine though

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By marks
05th Nov 2016 00:22

We use hellosign which is similar to docusign.

Clients find it really easy to use and can send accounts/tax return out and get them electronically approved by client with a signature in a matter of minutes.

We were using Hellosign for about a year then moved to IRIS Openspace about 6 months ago as we use IRIS for our accounts and tax returns so made sense to move but clients didnt find IRIS Openspace easy and intuitive to use plus you dont get a signature just a date stamp so we have moved back to Hellosign and not had one problem with clients using it in the last couple of months.

Hellosign costs about £10 per month.

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By Stewie Griffin
05th Nov 2016 10:31

We use something similar, Signable.

It's brilliant. We've cut down the average times to get a document signed from weeks to hours.

Going to try the templates features next year to capture tax return info

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By 0098087
17th Nov 2016 17:29

Have been told that amendment to engagement letters can be sent by email.
Can you give me an idea of the text you put in.

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By Jennifer Anne
30th Dec 2016 14:34

I use DocuSign as well and think it good but does anyone know if you can use it for accounts to be sent by post to Companies House?

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
30th Dec 2016 15:16

Iris Openspace for me.

Clients find it easy to use and approval time for documents can be measured in hours (sometimes minutes) rather than days/weeks if sending out hard copies for signature.

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By free-rider
30th Dec 2016 16:27

Using Adobe eSign.
Intuitive and easy to set up and use plus clients trust Adobe as are familiar with name.

Cost is around £100 per annum if I remember right.

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By petersaxton
30th Dec 2016 20:31

Can you use English date format in Docusign?

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By petersaxton
30th Dec 2016 20:33

I see you can change the date format.

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