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Anyone using Sneek?

Or should that be, anyone going to admit to using it?

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OK this isnt a technical question, and it isnt even Friday - but Ive just had an email from Croner with their HR questioon of the week.

The danger, of course, is that if you monitor your staff in their homes to find out if they are working, then not only might you find out that they arent, but indeed you might find out what they are actually doing instead.  Part of me couldnt believe that some employers really would use such tactics (apart from the really seedy ones that is) so i googled it to fund the 'headlines' and came up.

For me, whilst i do have a small inherrent distrust of homeworking productivity levels, I'd put this down to a gross invasion of privacy - but maybe that's just me.  Perhaps there are acceptable and justifiable reasons for this, in which case pleasde enlighten me.

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By exceljockey
08th Apr 2021 13:41

One of the benefits of homeworking is that you can only judge an employee based on output. However, the difficulty arises if you employed them first in an office where the important issue was whether they were sat at their desks from 9 - 5 and were then forced to allow them to work from home because of a pandemic. If they're not productive at home, there is little chance that they were productive in the office. The beauty of our industry is that most of the output we produce can be measured and monitored and therefore home or office shouldn't make a difference.

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By Carole Baldwin
08th Apr 2021 14:00

Spying on employees, because that is what it is, is unacceptable and unforgivable in any circumstances. In most cases it is quite easy to see whether an employee is working or not by simply assessing the amount of tasks completed. To spy upon them every minute of every day says more about the incompetent and immoral management of the business than it does about it's employees.

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By Mr_awol
08th Apr 2021 14:33

I must admit that i always thought those little slidey covers on webcams were for paranoid people who worried unnecessarily about getting hacked.

But if i was an employee at a firm who used this technology i think i would be using the cover!

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By M3lissa
09th Apr 2021 10:33

I too think it is a gross invasion of privacy but personally I have been much more productive working from home. I have got so much more done.

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By Barbara G
10th Apr 2021 22:02

I think it's an invasion of privacy as well, I certainly wouldn't want anyone eyeing up my untidy kitchen.

However, this past year, because those students sitting their accounts technicians e.t.c. exams had to do so remotely, they had to have their webcams switched on to prove they weren't cheating. Similar situation, but necessary.

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Replying to Barbara G:
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By tom123
11th Apr 2021 08:33

For a specific and importantly disclosed task I can see it.

For the rest - smacks too much of the gig economy spivs for me.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
11th Apr 2021 09:19

I like the way that Sneek’s website pretends it’s purely for communication purposes (or at least doesn’t mention the spying use of the software anywhere), then they go and call it Sneek.


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