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App to connect Subway POS to Quickbooks Online

App to connect Subway POS System to Quickbooks Online

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Would anyone know if there's an App that will connect / integrate the POS System that Subway use to Quickbooks Online ?

We have a new client that has taken over a Subway franchise and I'm looking in to an easy (and digital) way to import the transactions from the clients POS system directly in to Quickbooks Online.

The system is Subways own and it's called SubwayPOS.Ink

I'd love to be able to use an App, but after an hour of Googling, I've found nothing so any help would be appreciated 

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By Mr_awol
27th Sep 2019 16:28

I doubt it - Most of the time an App will only be designed to extract data from (or deal with exports from) known/popular systems. We were involved in the implementation of a 'new' app designed to enable a bespoke system to link into cloud software. I don't know the total cost but believe it was about £15k.

If the Subway POS is based upon a standardised system, then an existing app might be possible. That could be your first point of call.

But, I reckon you are going to need to have them (or Subway if centralised data although I doubt it) export data and then your going to have to either design your own app, or have one built for you. Or you can sort the data manually.

Is the till online - if so, then will the owners allow an API access login? If not, find out what data can be exported If that data is easily manageable then fine. If not, get some nerd to write you a program.

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Replying to Mr_awol:
By PitiBev
27th Sep 2019 17:37

Oh Buggerz - I kinda guessed that would be the case.
I thought maybe as there were so many franchises in a similar situation that there would be some solution that someone else had found ........

£15k ??? Wow !
Ummmm - can I 'borrow' it ? LOL
Getting someone to write a program isn't an option (unless we happen to get more Subway franchise clients)

So I'll try and see what, if anything can be exported first and then maybe try this API thingy .......
Sorry for being a bit dense but could you explain this API login please, is that something that a total ignoramus like myself could attempt ?
And what would I need for this ?

Thanks for your feedback - I had noticed that SO many people have viewed this question ..... and then avoided it. Hahaa

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By the_drookit_dug
29th Sep 2019 09:05

If Subway's system allows you to access its underlying database, then you got a fighting chance of creating a link without too much effort.

Play around with 'Get Data' from within Excel. If you can pull in the data to Excel without requiring passwords, there's hope for other apps. Otherwise you'll need to have a chat with the Subway peeps.

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By the_drookit_dug
29th Sep 2019 09:06


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Replying to the_drookit_dug:
By PitiBev
29th Sep 2019 10:44

Now that sounds like an easier option, thanks for that.
Once I have access to the POS system, I'll see if that's possible.
You'd think that as Subway have so many franchises that they'd make it a little easier to export data ........
Thanks again - fingers crossed

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By chrisholmes
03rd Oct 2019 17:27

Im not up to date with the latest Subway software, but when I prepared the accounts for apprx 25 stores some years ago, I printed off the 'WISR' report from the POS system which gave all of the necessary info ie weekly totals for Sage50. Further info was available for split of product sales, active discount codes, food & labour %, food usage & waste etc. All very useful for KPIs, not so much in the pure accounts sense. With just one store the client should easily be able to summarise the info to a spreadsheet for you to upload.

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Replying to chrisholmes:
By PitiBev
04th Oct 2019 07:55

Thanks chrisholmes, I'll have a peek and see if that report is available on the Subway POS, although I will be needing daily totals, vat breakdown etc, but every little helps though.
I'm still waiting for my client to call the Subway POS support line and get advice from them.
When / if I find a solution, I'll pop back on here and let everyone know - I'm sure there must be other people in the same situation.
Thanks again for the advice, really appreciate anything at this stage

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