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Applying for new HMRC agent codes

Do you need to apply for new Agent Codes when changing your legal status?

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We recently went from being a sole trade accountancy firm to a limited company and I am wondering whether we need to apply for new agent codes or whether it stays as it is.

When logging into HMRC through the usual account, it has the partners name at the top, not the Ltd company name. I have written to the Central Agent Maintainer Team (they don't have a phone number) who sent a form back saying they can't transfer codes and to apply for new ones. Having to authorise all clients for all taxes again seems a little ridiculous and would take a very long time to do! I have called HMRC twice since and no one seems to be able to give me an answer and I keep being told different things. 

Any help is appreciated!


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By SXGuy
01st Jul 2019 11:36

What you can do, is set up a new agent account, and then authorise the new account to access the old one. This used to be done via the government gateway url, but I believe it may now be under team access.
This should allow you to access the old agent codes via the new account, and will also show the new company name at the top instead of the old.

Agent Maintainer team, will only update change of addresses, and even then only for SA and CT, there is no other way apart from setting up new agent codes and issuing new authorisations, unless you do the method described above.

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By Duggimon
01st Jul 2019 12:00

You can also just change the name on the account to whatever you like, just click on "Your Account" on the left and then "Change Details".

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By legerman
01st Jul 2019 20:16

Strange. I did the same 4 years ago, and they sent a letter back within a couple of weeks saying job done (other than PAYE and VAT, the former I did a bit later over the phone but the latter has to have a new agent code)

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