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Recent experience of extension requests being given "automatically "?

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Hello. Has anyone had recent experience of an application to extend a Stat Accounts filing deadline being extended by CH "automatically" on filing a request online? Is it best to call CH directly, or apply online? Delay in auditors signing off Accounts has resulted in filing deadline being missed. So, this would be a request for more time to file, after filing date has already passed. Thank you!

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By lionofludesch
08th Nov 2023 09:56

After the deadline has passed ?

I think you're too late.

You can always ask though. Blame the auditors.

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By Calculatorboy
08th Nov 2023 21:51

But the auditors will blame the client for not providing information requested on a timely basis

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Replying to Calculatorboy:
By lionofludesch
08th Nov 2023 22:10

You think Companies House will contact them?

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
09th Nov 2023 08:10

lionofludesch wrote:

I think you're too late.... Blame the auditors.

Calculatorboy wrote:

But the auditors will blame the client for not providing information...

And the client will always blame the accountants!

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By thevaliant
10th Nov 2023 23:49

As lion has mentioned, once you are late, you cannot ask for an extension.

However, although the Covid extension has been removed, the other reasons for asking for an extension still exist (ill health, accounting records and other) and in my limited experience these are granted almost instantly (suggesting no one is reading what you put in the text box).

The only slight is they give EXACTLY three months, so a few 30th September deadlines are now 30th December so beware of this issue if you ask for (say) a February filing deadline extension.

No use this year, but perhaps to think about next year.

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