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Apprentice Levy

Has anybody successfully used the funds for training?

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Just a question for any other finance professionals... has anybody who is currently paying the Apprentice Levy actually managed to use any of the funds for training? I only ask as I am currently trying to work out how to do this and am on the verge of just giving up and writing off the payments as yet another tax from our useless government. As expected from anything that HMRC touches, it is stupidly complicated.

Also just realised that any levy you pay for employees who to not live in England cannot be reclaimed... so is just money down the drain. Lovely.

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20th Nov 2017 11:41

As a training provider offering AAT on the Apprenticeship we have several students funded by the levy.

I agree with you that it is horrendously complicated. What we do is guide the employer through the paperwork when signing someone up.

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By Tax Dragon
21st Nov 2017 09:12

It's not right that you can ask this question anonymously, but anyone wanting to reply has to reveal their pseudonym. So let me put my answer like this: JPK's firm is not the only one making use of the funding.

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By aburt01
23rd Nov 2017 10:22

When you say the levy funds are only available in England for training your staff, I am sure you know that devolved administrations, Scotland for example, have also made training funds available to levy payers, in Scotland through their own "Flexible workforce development fund" .

You are also in the good position of being a larger employer with a salary bill over £3 million p.a., (since the levy is only paid by such employers) so, if you have not yet devised an apprenticeship scheme within your organisation, then perhaps it's because you only recruit people who are already fully-trained?

I agree the paperwork can be a burden !

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By LW64
30th Nov 2017 10:38

You have to pay it so if you don't spend it, it IS just another tax.
I think that it is hugely misunderstood.
Yes we have regular apprentices but we also use it for upskilling the existing workforce.
You can use it for HNC/HND even Management training through MBA.
Talk to the Apprentice Levy Board.
Your money is there, use it or lose it.

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