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Are amended accounts treated as late?

Are amended accounts treated as late?


A client incorporated his business.  The Limited accounts for the first period were actually due in before the sole trader accounts had to be finalised for the SATR.  We didn't have all the info necessary for the sole trader accounts so had to make some estimates for the closing balances of debtors etc to be transferred to the Ltd Co.  We now have all the figures we need and as some (most) of the balance sheet figures have changed we need to submit amended accounts to Companies House. 

If we file amended accounts now, after the deadline, will we receive a penalty for the accounts being late? 

If we will have we any other options? 

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29th Jan 2013 16:37

No penalty

... provided you filed the original accounts by the deadline.

But why do you want to file amended accounts?  The only grounds for doing so, as set out in s.454 CA 2006, are if the directors believe that the original accounts did not comply with the Companies Act.  A few incorrect balances may mean that the accounts were slightly inaccurate, but not necessarily that they did not comply with the Act.  Unless the original accounts were seriously misleading, I would simply make the adjustments in the second year's accounts.

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