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Are P11d benefits chargeable after employment ends


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I have a client who left his employment on 30 March 2018 to start his own business. He had a loan from the employer and a P11d for 2017/18 was duly submitted. He is now in disupte with his former employer who is claiming that when he left he had an amount outstanding on the loan. Clearly, the ex-employer is a bit slow off the mark in claiming the loan is outstanding but should he also have produced a P11d for 2018/19?

I'm looking for some ammunition that my client can fire back.



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By Accountant A
09th Sep 2019 17:14

The client either owes the money or he doesn't. The former employer's PAYE compliance isn't relevant.

Presumably you would want the client to honour his debts when it comes to paying your fees?

Client should speak to a solicitor if he disputes the debt; or pay it if he doesn't.

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Replying to Accountant A:
By petestar1969
11th Sep 2019 11:19

Thanks for not actually answering the question.

My client believed/was told when he left that the loan had been repaid and had been built into his pay.

The ex-employer now seems to have changed his mind.

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By Tax Dragon
11th Sep 2019 11:26

If the loan is enough to give rise to a BIK, then it's enough for your client to know whether or not he has repaid it.

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