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Are paper substitute tax returns accepted?

BTC generated tax returns - will HMRC accept a printed version of the PDF generated by BTC software?

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I have to do a paper tax return for a client due to an online filing exclusion.  I use BTC software.  Can I just print the PDF and get the client to sign it or so I have to copy the whole thing onto a copy of the SA return printed off the HMRC website?  I seem to remember they stopped allowing substitute tax returns a number of years ago but not sure if this was relaxed.

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By SXGuy
12th Dec 2018 16:18

No, substitutes are fine, providing they are in grey scale not colour and print double sided.

Make sure to add the reason for paper filing I.e the exclusion reason as they will issue a penalty if not, because paper filling deadline is Oct 31st

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By Wanderer
12th Dec 2018 17:14

Yes they are accepted.

And expect HMRC to completely ignore the exclusion and merrily just process it incorrectly even when you cover that point in the white space, covering letter and enclose a copy of the exclusion!

I've sent colour ones in as well.

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