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Are student loan repayments liable in account of income from rental property?

Are student loan repayments liable in account...

Hi Guys,

I have  a client who is employed and is taxed via PAYE and pays his student loan repayments via his employment. He has an additional income from a rental property. Could anyone advise whether he should pay make additional student loan repayment on account of this income. The various helpnotes i have come across only mention "Self employed" income.



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07th Jan 2011 12:20

Rental income does contribute to SLR calculation

If you are completing a tax return (using our software or any other) with land and property pages and you tick box SL1 on the bottom of page 2 of the main return to say student loans exist, then the land and property income comes into the computation of SLR.

There was a bug on the HMRC system last year that if there were land and property losses they were being treated as profits and increasing the SLR they were expecting !

David Forbes



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