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Are you in favour of this?

MPs tax queries answered in seconds by special Public Department 1 hotline.

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Article in the Evenieng Standard:

Applies to MPs, and any other taxpayers dealt with by PD1. Do you agree with this?

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By bettybobbymeggie
25th Jan 2019 18:30

If it were true, no.

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By Tim Vane
25th Jan 2019 18:31

What a disingenuous pile of carp. Don’t believe the rubbish you read in papers. The PD1 line is there for security reasons. Same reasons that stop most MP UTRs from being filed through the Gateway.

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By Tax Dragon
25th Jan 2019 19:05

It's what happens when papers get the news off Twitter.

Articles like that should really be capped at 140 characters too.

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By Accountant A
25th Jan 2019 20:09

I think it's common practice in big businesses to make sure senior people don't know how bad things are for "ordinary" customers.

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By Red Leader
25th Jan 2019 20:45

Yebbut ... the phone gets answered quicker. That's credible surely? (Agree re media "truth propensity" in general).

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Replying to Red Leader:
By johnhemming
26th Jan 2019 07:50

I am aware of PD1, but I am not aware that there is a specific helpline. However, there are specific helplines for inquiries from MPs to all government departments (or systems for passing complaints). A lot of inquiries go in on behalf of constituents through that route.

There was (and probably still is) a special additional sheet for annual tax returns which was not built into the online system. I don't think this was to do with security, but instead because of the way in which MPs offices and staff are accounted for. I would be surprised if this was built into the online submission system. It isn't in the APIs for Self Assessment MTD that I have seen.

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By lincolnartist
26th Jan 2019 21:56

Just recently I've always had calls to the Agent SA helpline answred very quickly (under a minute) even this month.

And the webchat facility for PAYE is a godsend as the telephone helpline used to take ages to be answered.

So for once I can't criticise HMRC

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