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Worst referral site ever. They added my firm without asking.

I've emailed, posted notes that I'm retired, posted bad reviews. All to no avail. They ignore all communications.

Has anyone succeeded in getting their firm removed? (Did you even know you were on it?)

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By Portia Nina Levin
09th Jan 2017 13:25

What you could do is make it more useful by bumping it up google by making multiple posts with links on AWeb.

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Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
09th Jan 2017 13:52

Fixed the double posting - thanks for pointing that out Portia.

Best of luck getting off that list pawncob.


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By bernard michael
09th Jan 2017 14:08

If you want a laugh go to their web site & look at the most viewed and most favoured accountants on their list

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By legerman
09th Jan 2017 14:21

They're based in Glasgow

This could well be an abandoned project or simply a means to get ad revenue from google. I doubt its successful.

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By Constantly Confused
10th Jan 2017 08:28

Wow, it has a previous employer of mine on it, except going by the name and address that was relevant about 10 years ago!

Where have they got their information, a time capsule?

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By cheekychappy
10th Jan 2017 08:40

What annoys you the most? The fact that you are still on the listing, or that you’ve only been rated 3/5 stars?

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By pawncob
10th Jan 2017 10:25

My email elicited this response:
Thank you for you for submitting your accountants. The waiting list is over four months long and your are not guaranteed a listing however if you add a link to our website we will review your listing much faster and you are guaranteed a listing.

Simply reply to this email with a link to the page where our link is located use the code below:

Ignoring the bent English, why would an accountant want to add a link to a referral site to his own website?

Are you sure they're Scottish. They seem a bit Irish to me.

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