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ASA - 2 HMRC accounts

We have 2 seperate HMRC logins (a legacy from when we had 2 offices) can I link them to the same ASA

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We have 2 seperate HMRC logins (a legacy from when we had 2 offices) can I link them to the same ASA?

I have linked the main one a while ago and that seems to be fine - when I try and link the second one I can't see the option to link.

Is this because it isn't possible - in which case what do we need to do? Or am I missing something?

I have tried to ring HMRC, but they are too busy to talk to me.

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By SXGuy
07th May 2019 17:58

I'm not sure if it's possible as I haven't made the switch yet. But is there any link for team access? Or can you login to the government gateway with the new asa details? As previously you could link another account and give access.

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By Wanderer
07th May 2019 18:07

Haven't done it yet, have only linked one of our accounts, but believe on a recent HMRC webinar they said that you can.
I still have:-
"Link your current Self Assessment and VAT clients to your agent services account" on the home screen which takes you through to a screen which says (note the word 'each':-
"You will need the login details for each of the agent Government Gateway accounts your business uses for your Income Tax Self Assessment and VAT clients.

On the next screen, sign in with one of these Government Gateway accounts to start linking your existing clients.

You will need to repeat this process for each Government Gateway account your business uses."

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By CJaneH
07th May 2019 18:08

I Have 4 log in codes, IT, VAT, CT & PAYE. Is this common?

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By leicsred
08th May 2019 10:56

Thank you all who replied - I got it sorted, I was logging in the wrong way, going straight into the ASA when I needed to log in differently to get to the option to add in the second account details.

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