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ASA for accountancy firm with multiple offices

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We have more than one office, each has its own Government Gateway user ID. We have one UTR which means one ASA. What are other multi-office firms doing about their ASA? Are they going along with one ASA for all offices or creating other ASAs for each office (eg using a partner's UTR)? Are there any problems having one ASA for the whole firm?

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By SXGuy
14th May 2019 11:52

Ive not made the switch yet, however, im sure you are able to add other utrs to the ASA account, just like the normal gateway login? under team access?

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By johnt27
15th May 2019 11:10

You're fine having one ASA because you can have multiple users set up under the ASA. The setting for this is buried under the "Your Account" then "Manage your team" options on the old green HMRC screen not the swanky new ones you log into!

You can then add users as required, which then need to be linked to both the ASA/VAT account and the relevant clients.

The benefit of doing this is that any software linked to MTD must use 2FA and having just one account to manage this across multiple offices would be a nightmare.

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