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Asa new client

Does my client need an online gg account ?

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ive accessed my gg asa account this eve and tried to add a new client, but it says they aren’t signed up - would this be because they need to create a gg account thrm selves(they been with a firm for years and havent had any dealings with hmrc themselves)



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By Duggimon
21st Aug 2019 09:02

I don't think you can register a business for VAT Online Services through your ASA, you need to sign them up for VAT Online through your original agent account, then sign them up for MTD.

The issue is that at the moment MTD filing and VAT Online are accessed through two different agent accounts. I believe the intention is to move everything to the ASA but who knows when that'll be, until that time, we have this two step process.

The client does not need their own gateway account though.

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