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ASA Online service unavailable 12-15 Nov

The Agent Services Account Online service will be unavailable from 5pm today until 6pm on Monday

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HMRC notification re Agent Services Account:

I don't know if this means that online forms that require ASA credentials - e.g. 30 day CGT reporting - will also be unavailable on Monday. Does anyone know if this will be the case? 


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By Leywood
12th Nov 2021 12:42

Try logging in to the link that is provided and then you can come back and tell us when youve found out.

Or just take the time off and call it a new Bank holiday weekend.

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By rmillaree
12th Nov 2021 12:56

ooooh i wander if we are getting some new easter eggs - would be nice if clients vat laibilities and payments magically appeaed.

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Replying to rmillaree:
By SteveHa
12th Nov 2021 15:40

Don't be daft. It's a scheduled "break stuff" weekend.

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