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Asbestos removal in a repair

Repairs to a garage plus asbestos removal

My client owns a property that is let.  The garage needs repairs and, on inspection it is found to contact asbestos which must now be dealt with as part of the repair.  Whilst I have no problem is allowing the cost of the repair iteself, is the cost of the asbestos removal allowable, as this now forms the larger part of the cost?


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09th Nov 2018 15:13

At a guess the asbestos is likely the roof, if not where does it arise e.g. is is heat shielding around say a boiler within the garage, or something else. A bit of detail re how the asbestos arises might assist.

Assuming say it is merely an asbestos roof replacement , and it is say merely a roof replacement as part of the overall repairs that is causing the increased costs, then if replacing ( e.g.same position/height/pitch etc not a different roof line )the roof is then imho a repair the extra costs removing the existing say asbestos roof are then also repairs, they are surely merely costs in relation to said repairs.

Must be a pretty old structure.

Above presumes property is not a very recent acquisition and repairs are accordingly on point? (Law Shipping/ Odeon etc)

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09th Nov 2018 15:30

You're starting at the wrong end, by asking is it a (or part of the) repair.

Have you got more of an asset than you had before, or has it been modified in order to be used differently?

If not, then it isn't capital expenditure, and if it's incurred wholly and exclusively for the purpose of the lettings business, I can't see why it wouldn't be allowable.

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